White House

santa ana, costa rica

Type: Residential
Size: 550 M2
Location: Santa Ana, Costa Rica
Status: Finished 2012
Photographers: Roberto Dambrosio (Arq), Joan Lukowiecky (Interior)

The house is located in Santa Ana Costa Rica. Being a fairly hot and humid area, the design seeks freshness with high ceilings and cross ventilation. With tropical vegetation expanding throughout the surroundings, the project sits on a very flat lot and seeks to open to all 4 sides to look at deep and spacious views.

The design of the house starts from a white cube, high, that disintegrates itself in planes and lines towards the front facade, letting in light and ventilation. And turns into many volumes as it reaches the back facade, differentiating the spaces on the second floor from the first level.

The house seeks to be highlighted with the predominant white color, which together with the vegetation, black frames, and a grey marble wall; emphasize the gaps in the window, generating depth.

The sunlight through the different seasons of the year, the shadows play and move, especially in the main entrance, composed by planes, beams and columns.