escazu, costa rica

Type: Comercial
Size: 350 M2
Location: Escazu, Costa Rica
Status: Finished 2015
Photographer: Joan Lukowiecky

We wanted a space with movement. A space that will never get you bored.

So, we designed a multi functional metal structure that travels through the ceiling and becomes the furniture. We added mirrors to the structure to make it fun when people walk under them and see the ceiling moving. 

We created two sides. A big green wall located along the back of the restaurant for a more formal look, facing a parallel floor to ceiling glass façade next to the highway creating an urban scene. The two poles are divided by a big artisanal cement tile bar and DJ booth, and united by the ceiling design.

We used artisanal and local providers for the furniture made of Laurel wood, and hand made cement tiles locally produced.