Filippo Wood Oven Pizza

escazu, costa rica

Type: Comercial

Size: 400 M2

Location: Escazu, Costa Rica

Status: Terminado 2020

Photographer: Roberto D’ambrosio

Filippo Wood Oven Restaurant and Cafe was conceptualized as a in/out terrace. It consists on a movable glass and acrylic door façade, that allows the space to be completely open to the two streets the site faces. There is a flexibility to partially open the space, or not depending on the weather conditions.  

The composition of the space consists on an all exposed concrete ceiling, concrete columns and slab, partitions in perforated wood panels and perforated gold metal panels, a mix of black, pink and wood, terrazzo and marble tops, and a mix of wood and upholstered chairs, that creates and industrial, fresh and delicate look.  

We created a gold metal box to hide the kitchen, service area and to contain the bar and pizza oven counter.

In the main sitting area, we created a piece of furniture to divide the space into two distinct dining areas: an informal café area with smaller tables, and the main restaurant. We also created a private room for private diner parties hidden from the main dinning area.

We added plants and trees in the terrace outside and some planters inside to reenforce the outdoor look and feeling while dining. This way, the restaurant’s terrace mingles with the trees and green areas in the street. 

Filippo is a place from breakfast, lunch, coffee to drinks at night. It transforms during the day into the night, with a lighting design that gives texture and emotion to the space. We were able to change the atmosphere from day to night, and follow the restaurant’s vibe throughout its different stages.