JSARQ is a multidisciplinary architecture and interior design firm located in San José, Costa Rica. 

 Janine Schneider set up the studio in 2009, with the purpose of designing projects that would allow her to experiment with local and innovative ideas that would have an impact on people through the development of dynamic spaces, all while honoring each client’s vision and the characteristics of the place in which the space exists.

The studio believes that architecture must generate emotions and an intrinsic connection with the users of the space. This permanent search to create innovative designs that are connected with the people and the surrounding reality, is what has allowed the studio to excel in developing balanced and sustainable designs. 

 The firm’s architects and designers are constantly evolving in a multidisciplinary environment, something which allows them to discover new solutions and myriad opportunities for each design in which they are involved. This contributes to the synergy that is generated between the studio, our clients and the many collaborators involved in each project.  

The quest to do things in an unconventional way has propelled the studio to become an award-winning and innovative architecture firm on both the national and international levels.


International. First prize with the project ONE building in the World Architecture Community Awards.

International. First prize with the projecto ONE Building in the Peruvian Architecture BIennal.

National. Third prize of the commercial award Extralum in the Costa Rica Biennal with the Project ONE Building.

International. Shortlist of the World Interior News Awards interior design of Santos Restaurant.



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